A Georgia Votes newsletter.

Welcome to Georgia Votes newsletter. This will be going out on Mondays and Thursdays starting September 24th through who knows when. At least January I can tell you, since we’re getting at least one Senate seat runoff.

First, a big thanks to the people who will be helping me write this. As I mentioned on Twitter a newsletter is not worth doing unless the author(s) can truly take the time to produce something great. I didn’t feel like I had the time to do that, but thankfully some nice folks offered to help out. You may or may not get to learn their names, but know that they’ll be responsible for a lot of what you read here.

Now this isn’t to say I won’t be involved, because I absolutely will. From pulling the data, identifying the interesting nuggets, keeping everything on track, etc. The rest of the folks will be doing the hard work of explaining what that means and why. Thankfully they also have a lot of experience and tools to help do this is a way that I couldn’t, so it’s a win for everyone.

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